I believe Genie’s development, after her discovery, was extraordinary given her situation before she was found.  After a life of abuse and neglect Genie was severely underdeveloped. However, it would be impossible to know what she could have been like and what she could have achieved because of the sever abuse she went though.  Because Genie was not exposed to language she lost the ability to communicate in a typically way, speech.  Humans have a critical time period to learn a language, if we do not learn a language in that time than we will never fully be able to grasp it.  Incredibly Genie was still able and excited to learn words for new things.  Yet, words are not language; language includes grammar and sentence structuring.

            I believe that moving Genie around was an unfortunate choice.  I think it would have been beneficial for Genie to gave spent the rest of her life in a stable environment where she would be loved and have developed a secure attachment to someone.  Being deprived of so much in the beginning of her life, I believe she could have really benefitted from consistency.  I think a permanent home would have lowered her stress and the emotional distress she went though.  I could imagine that being moved around after her discovery was traumatic for her.  After spending a life in one room with little human interaction, being brought into the world and being surrounded by so many researchers would be scary. I don’t believe that having a stable environment would have necessarily helped Genie’s language skills. I do believe it would have helped her adjustment.

Katie Hasiak


~ by knhasiak on November 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Genie”

  1. I completely agree. How tramatic it would have been for her in that she was returned to the same home in which she was so severly abused. This, in my opinion, had to have produced a digression effect from all of the progress she had made. I cannot imagine that in the environment that she was so used to and so very afraid of, that she would feel safe enough to again express herself verbally or otherwise, where previously she was so maltreated for that very reason.

    Kellie Gibson

  2. I agree with you as well. Even though she was never fully able to develop complete language it was rather remarkable how much she was able to learn. I in no way believe she was an experiment of any sorts but I do think that it is important we learn from Genie. She has taught us a lot.

    Tracy Hubertz

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