Honestly I do not think that it could ever be determined what went “wrong” with Genie.  It is impossible to know what her potential could have been.  I think it is absolutely remarkable the development that she did achieve, considering the state that she was first found.  From what I percieved from watching the movie and hearing about her before, she was loved and taken care of very well by the researchers and other people involved in her life from the beginning.  It is extremely unfortunate that she did not end up in a stable, loving environment in which she could continue to grow and hopefully learn more.  Having a secure attachment figure, I think, would have helped her stress and emotional turmoil, but there is no way to tell if it would have helped her get past the point of cognitive development that she had already achieved.  It is too bad that she may not have reached her full potential for her own personal well being.

Rebekah Pinegar


~ by rebekahcp on November 8, 2009.

3 Responses to “Genie”

  1. I completely agree with your statement. I will never be possible to know what could have been of this little Girl. It is sad that she was not given the opportunity to learn a language in the crucial time period for children to learn one.

    Katie Hasiak

  2. I agree. It is so sad that she was denied the opportunity to learn to speak. Something we all take for granted. :(

    Whitney J Kerr

  3. It’s very unfortunate that Genie was raised in such a terrible environment. After watching the film, I felt horrible about how humans can be such monsters. Not just because of the horrific treatment by her deceased father but by the motives of some of the researchers and doctors. In the video interviews, some of those that were participating in Genie’s study said that a few of the social workers and psychologists were only using Genie. One in particular lied about her having german measles so that she could have Genie all to herself. Truly, Genie is soul of many sorrows and will never have a normal life like you or me. Really the question is: what could have been for Genie?

    -James Frost

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