Reggio Amelia For Sports.

When we talked about the schools being too overbearing and taking the child’s natural desire to learn away, I thought about youth sports and how parents and coaches drive them away from the sport they (used to) enjoy.

I found an article about a soccer team whose coach was concerned about the stress parents and coaching has on the kids (a lot of times what the parents are yelling conflicts with what the coach is yelling), so he turned to a child directed program much like the Reggio Amelia schools.

The coach would ask the kids, “What is the best way to shoot the ball? With your toe or instep?”  He would then let the kids experiment and find the right answer for themselves instead of telling them to shoot one way or the other.  Equally important he asked the parents the see if the kids had fun after the game and leave it at that.

Despite some of the parents concerns of this less structured approach to coaching, the team had an unprecedented winning season and went on the win the regional championship.

Scott Montgomery


~ by Scott Montgomery on November 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “Reggio Amelia For Sports.”

  1. I do agree that a Reggio Amelia Sports facility would be a beneficial palce for children to express themselves as well as gain the much needed exercise t5hey need. When I was a kid, I loved any opportunity I had to play a variety of sports that are not regularly played among most children. This might be a big shot in the arm confidence-wise for kids if this were to be established.

    -James Frost

  2. That is a very interesting idea. I do think that in a lot of sports the fun is taken out of it because of adults wanting to control. It would be an excellent way to learn.
    Rebekah Pinegar

  3. yeah now days people aren’t as active as they use to be this theory is very helpfull

    Tida blackburn

  4. That’s really cool that someone took a different learning approach and was able to apply it to soccer (or sports in general). I think that a kid is more likely to learn if they are having fun, and because these kids were playing a game its obvious they should be having fun.

    Tracy Hubertz

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