Hearing impairment and language development

Many children that are born hearing impaired can actually live completley normal lives with out sounding different or sticking out, which makes it really hard when children are young going through school. The number one way you can help your child over come hearing impairment is early detection.  If the child’s hearing loss is detected  before the age of 6 months the child can overcome it quite easily, it gets harder the older the child gets. Also if the child is going to use sign language it is best to teach the child that before the age of one year.  Many other things can help children adapt to hearing loss, the use of proper and well equipped hearing aids is very  important.

Another thing that is really benificial for the child’s oral development is the assistance of a speech patholgist, or oral coach to help teach the child to adjust.  As you know every child learns a different way, and learning language development is an important factor for the childs literacy in adult hood. Many teachers are unaware of how to help educate learning impaired children.  The more aware people become and the more aware that you as a parent, sibiling or friend are, the more help and education can be there for the child with hearing impairment will be.


april benincosa


~ by abenincosa on November 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “Hearing impairment and language development”

  1. Correct you are, it is imperative to detect hearing loss in a child/infant as early as possible and there are always many options that can be taken, however the earlier the better. However, if it is too late than it most likely isn’t anyway, because I bet that every parent alive will detect their child’s hearing problems before the critical learning period by age 5. But then again, a parent may detect a problem, not all will do something about it unfortunately, especially in 3rd world countries or different cultures.


  2. Just a side note, but I find it fascinating that it is possible to teach an infant sign language before they reach the age of one year.

    Kellie Gibson

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