The amazing process of language development (Post 5)

The video of William Fowler teaching language development was very fascinating. It is such an amazing process how humans can learn language and communicate. We have been doing this for hundred of years in all different languages. The teaching of language is a complex process that takes time. William Fowler described how children learn words with the adult emphasizing the word with toy being played with and keep repeating the word as your playing with the toy. Also he showed that playing with they toys in certain ways helped to teach verbs as well. Like when he put the ball in the box and jumped with the animals. All these little things help the develpomental process of language development.

Also I thought it was interesting how an older child playing with the younger child can help as well. The older child can be a good example for the younger one by saying the words and playing with the toys because the younger child can see that and want to copy them. Fowler described how when you ask the child to pick a specific toy and they pick something else that you should not correct them but just repeat to them what it was that they did pick up. I thought this was interesting because you don’t want to confuse them at this early of age with corrections, the best way to get them to learn what objects are is to repeat the word until they start saying it and understand that this word if for that object. Language development is one of the most important developments because it teaches communication and intelect and it is so amazing how we can learn it.

Lisa Tamburrino


~ by Lisa Tamburrino on November 1, 2009.

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