cognitive development

                  Based on the lectures and text book of cognitive development, there were two ordinary view points influencing the study of cognitive development. The first view point indicated by Piaget is constructivist approach of cognitive development that children actively discovery and construct all knowledge about their world through their own activity. Children or infants actively renew their existed scheme to adapt the world by two elementary methods, assimilation and accommodation. The second view point of cognitive development indicated by Vygotsky was external factors influencing how children view the world. Contrasted with Piaget’s view, he had more emphasize the effect of social context and culture on cognitive development of people.

                   Although there are many experimental evidences confirming the view points of Vygotsky, based on myself memory of my childhood, my sibling childhood and other playmate in my childhood, I found that the theory of Piaget was likely to play a role of fundamental function in cognitive development. Whenever the children were engaged in stage (Piaget believed the cognitive development could be divided into four stages.), children always renew their own schemes by assimilation and accommodation. For instance, when children were in the first stage, sensorimotor stage, their behaviors were almost intentional and due to the un-mature brain development, their mental system or representation was simple process. They only can simply imitate adult’s behavior. At this stage, children were likely to use assimilation strategy to approach world. When they were older and entered into second and third stage, they were likely to use accommodation to modify their own internal world to adapt real society. For example, they noticed the individual difference among people and they began to shape their own personalities and habits. Indeed, right now I also use these two fundamental strategies to adapt adult society. As an international student, I also use these two strategies to adapt USA’s culture and society. So I think wherever people were born or live, how old ever people already are and whatever people want to do, people always unconsciously use assimilation and accommodation to live.

Chuanjian Wang.

~ by chuanjian on November 1, 2009.

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