Reggio Emilia- what are the true benefits?

When we learned about the Reggio Emilia teaching style, I immediately liked it for various reasons. The Reggio Emilia teaching style is a great tool to encourage learning. I think that an education should be more about just gaining information but actually learning. Too many of us nowadays take learning for granted and who can blame us when it is considered work that needs to be done in order to move onto the next thing instead of something worthwhile and interesting? All learning can be interesting. However, do we know the direct causes of why Reggio Emilia works? We are quick to assume that it is because of the great teaching style but what we forget is that with Reggio Emilia we have dedicated teachers that actually care for each student, loving encouraging parents who would put their child in this program, smaller classes, and, at least nowadays, more money involved in these schools.

Obviously, just having more caring teachers would improve our school systems, likewise any of these factors: more dedicated parents, smaller class sizes, more money, more teachers per students. A teacher who loves her job, loves her children, are in itself likely to instill a love for learning in her students. A lot of the people I talk to say that the best teachers are the ones who are excited about what they are teaching and want their students to be excited about it too. They can turn a boring subject into one of intense fun.

What do you think is the major factor in Reggio Emilia that makes it work so great?


Emily Blackburn


~ by tidaemily on October 31, 2009.

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