Children’s Own Pace

I really liked talking about the Reggio Emilia style of teaching. As we talked about it, I was more and more convinced that it was what children really need, to enjoy, and be successful in learning. Given our current educational system, what can we do to enhance children’s education?

I think one thing that helps more than anything is the participation of parents in their children’s education. Perhaps, the implementation of the Reggio Emilia philosophy at home, before children reach school. Granted, there are many good Reggio Emilia schools across the country, but who really has the money to send their children to public schools? Children can learn much, if not more, if parents take the initiative to teach their children.

I’m not suggesting home school, as that may not be feasible as a nationwide program, but just parents spending time with their children, encouraging exploration, and learning. Instead of letting children play by themselves, or watch television, parents wanting to increase their children’s intelligence should provide an environment rich of new experiences, and allow children to explore. This is not an easy feat, as this exploration can be very messy, but it is the best way they learn.

Children are very curious. they ask questions and explore, not to be obnoxious, or bothersome, but to learn. Fostering this, by having an array of materials to learn with, and being flexible to the desires of a child, as opposed to having a set schedule and all the newest best toys available.

Melissa Call


~ by Melissa on October 31, 2009.

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