Childrens Art

It never occured to me that children learn how to draw in stages. After reading thetext book I realized children have to be taught to draw just like everyone else. A childs first stage of drawing are scribbles. They dont try to draw actual pictures but actions instead. The book gave an example of a child using a crayon and using it as a rabbit to hop across the page.  The next stage is first representation forms. It helps them to draw shapes that represent things when a parent tell a child when there scribble resemble something in real life. When this happens children go into the second stage. In the third stage children create realistic drawings. They start to use depth perception and create pictures where there are more than one combination.

All children go through these stage even if they dont learn to draw until they are 15 years old like they discussed in they book. In a part of New Guinea they tested this out on children where the culture did not encourage art so most of the children didn’t have experience in drawing. Pradticing drawing helps the child to improve and faster reach these skills. I looked at a couple articles and they talk about what a child draws can tell people about the child and even tell them if they are abused. But it kind of confused me when one article said that if a child draws a charater feetless is means they are insecure but couldn’t it also mean they havn’t reached the final drawing stage and they didnt realize the character needed feet?


Tida Blackburn.


~ by emilytida on October 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Childrens Art”

  1. I thought that was interesting, too! I thought only age and skill mattered on how well someone could draw. I wonder how acurate those drawing tests are. I have taken a few. Have you heard the one about the pig? If you draw a pig inside the box it means you’re insecure and outside the box it means you are creative and outgoing.

    Emily Blackburn

  2. This is such an interesting topic! I never really thought of how we learn how to draw. It is also very interesting about what you draw can tell you things about yourself.

    Lisa Tamburrino

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