A Walk in the Park

As little Callie toddles around the park and explores in the grass and chases the birds and butterflies she trips and falls. She isn’t really hurt but she is surprised. She’s not sure whether she should be upset or sad or just get up and keep running. So she looks over at her father who is sitting nearby to see how he is reacting. ..

Dad is standing up now and is looking at Callie but doesn’t look upset. He smiles and says “You’re ok, keep going”. Callie smiles back and she stands up and begins wandering towards the birds again.


Dad has stood up and is hurrying over towards Callie. He looks frightened and unsure. Callie begins to whimper. When he reaches her he sweeps her up and starts  hugging her and frantically asking if she’s ok. Callie begins to cry and cling to her father. As he walks her back over to where he was sitting he checks for scrapes and bruises. Upon finding none he comforts her until she is finished crying and then holds her. Callie is too scared to continue playing so she stays near her father until he decides that they can go back home since she seems disinterested in playing now.

– Melinda Perkins


~ by fairydust4ever on October 19, 2009.

4 Responses to “A Walk in the Park”

  1. I witnessed this exact situation just yesterday. She was climbing on a box during dinner when her foot slipped and she fell over onto her back. I shrieked and Willow looked distressed but when my sister went over to her she simply reassured her and she was completely fine. She was absolutely influenced by others’ emotions and reactions around her, she was just looking for how she should react. Very fascinating.

  2. when i was discussing this class with my cousin she agreed that her own daughters does referencing too!

  3. when i was discussing this class with my cousin she agreed that her own daughters does referencing too!
    woops forgot to put my name
    tida blackburn

  4. Hmm, well I believe that story number one may be more healthy for the positive emotional development of this toddler. However, their can be other scenarios that would meet between both stories that may be healthy.

    Reuben Cousin

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