The temper tantrum hold

In class we talked about how when a child is emerged  in a temper tantrum and they can’t control themselves that the best thing to do is to securely hold them in your lap with your head out of reach of their swinging head, have your arms snuggly wrapped around their body, and wrap one of your legs around theirs, so you have a close hold on the child (not to harshly though and not in an angry way). This hold will help them to see that you have control of them and you are going to hold them like that until they calm down. This is a great way to calm a child down. It is not giving in, because you are in control and it helps them to regain their own control and it allows the child to go through the tantrum.

Also while having the child in the hold, it is very helpful to talk to them and let them know that you know that they are feeling distressed, show that you can handle their distress, and that you are there for them to get through this. All of this emotional coaching is such a great way to get young toddlers through this period of temper tantrums without giving in and allowing them to always get what they want which later leads to other emotional issues that will be harder to deal with as they get older. By letting a child go through that tantrum they will realize that it is not going to kill them if they don’t get their way and it leads to less tantrums and better behaviors as they get older. By doing these simple things can help a child have a healthy emotional development. I think that more parents need to know these things on how to deal with their kids’ tantrums because there are a lot of parents out there that either give in or are to harsh on their kids. I know I am going to use these techniques when I have children.

Lisa Tamburrino

~ by Lisa Tamburrino on October 18, 2009.

One Response to “The temper tantrum hold”

  1. Yeah, It is right. As your said and lecture of class, parent coaching is importent to help infants and children developing a healthy emotion regulation. Due to the lack of developed brain, the most resourse to respond emotion are modeling from parents and coached by their parents. So I suggest all adult who want a baby should take some class teaching how to care and coach babies.

    Chuanjian Wang

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