teaching social skills

during this section, and also from reading some of the class’s posts i learned that social skills are something that should be focused on and taught at a very earlier age then i had originally thought, though i was still a bit confused as to go about teaching social skills to an infant, so i looked it up. This is some of what i had found.

The site I found said to do informal and formal social training with your child.  Informal can be done easily by just taking your child out to the park to play with other children in a large supervise setting. Formal is more of less the same thing though just in a smaller setting such as an organized play date with one or a few friends of the same age.

The site stresses to not make a child try to interact social over its own age range, though it did say that a day care once a week for the child to get out away from the parent and observe social practices of different ages was encourage.

The worst thing the site said you could do to social train your child is the same thing we learned in class, never think putting a child in front of a television to try and teach a child social skills.  It said, as we have already learned, that a child wont learn by just seeing it done on tv, it has to do something to learn it.

shaun thomas


~ by shaunct on October 18, 2009.

3 Responses to “teaching social skills”

  1. Agreed. How can a child learn to interact with other children by only mock realities (and likely cartoons) viewed on kbyu? It is a different occurrence entirely to be in a situation where one needs participation to gain the full experience.

    Kellie Gibson

  2. ive met alot of people who think putting a child in front of a televisions helps them learn
    tida blackburn

  3. It is a not a matter of learning, if it was, I would agree with you that baby einstein among other learning models is effective, it is however one of social proficiency. Wouldn’t you agree that a child would much easier learn the value and necessity of social interaction if they were actually out in the world having such an experience?

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