Security Objects and Daycare

Most toddlers have a stuffed animal or blanket that they go to sleep with occasionally etc. But when does a favorite toy turn into a security object? One website states that, “About 60 percent of toddlers use transitional objects.”  Transitional objects are used by infants and toddlers as a form of self-comforting. Transitional objects allow a child to be comforted anywhere.

What does that mean for daycare? I personally work in a daycare and have many kids who have security objects. One child’s ‘lovey’ needed to be with her or in the close vicinity of the child at all times during the beginning of the semester. However, I have found that the more comfortable the child gets with us the less that she needs her ‘lovey’ her. Sometimes she will forget she doesn’t have it and will be fine for about an hour before she remembers it is gone.

Every child has different ways to use a security object. Some use it just for sleep, some all of the time and some only when the primary caregiver is away. I think something important to remember is that every child is different and has different needs.

Whitney J Kerr


~ by whitkerr9 on October 18, 2009.

One Response to “Security Objects and Daycare”

  1. I think that many people, adults included, still use security objects to some extent. They take different forms as people get older, but depending on the coping mechanism that they need, security objects are often used. It could be something as small as a favorite hat to food or drugs.
    Rebekah Pinegar

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