Security blankets

Security blankets is a term used for blankets, teddy bears, and anything else a child uses to curb anxiety and a substitute for the parents when they are away.  Studies show that a child with a security blanket is more likely to adjust to a stressful situation.  Research also shows that no long-term affects come from a child having a security blanket.

A lot of people think that the attachment to a security blanket is related to the attachment a child has with his or her mother.  This is a misconception.  The American Psychological Association did a study with 74 toddlers showed that the two attachments are unrelated.

Another topic the article felt needed to be cleared up was hygiene.  They stressed that while security blankets are harmless, they do need to be washed.  I thought that was funny. 

Scott Montgomery


~ by Scott Montgomery on October 18, 2009.

One Response to “Security blankets”

  1. John Bowlby considered these security objects to be a “substitute” mother for children’s whose parents were readily absent. He thought of these security blankets, teddy bears, and pacifiers to be an enviable replacement. In fact, evidence shows that these “blanket-attached children” show no more or less maladjustments than kids who are not attached to an inanimate object.

    Katie Hasiak

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