I was at a total loss for what to write for this section’s blog.  I decided I wanted to write about attunement because I was very interested in it when it was discussed in class.  The one problem was that I couldn’t find anything about it that was similar to our notes.  Emotional attunement isn’t listed in the book.  Online I couldn’t find the phrase “emotional attunement” in the PsycINFO database.

Emotional attunement in regards to the caregiver child relationship includes four main points:

1.  Being reactive to the infant or child’s emotion.

2.  Restrained mirroring of the infant/child’s emotions, (not one hundred percent).

3.  Helping the infant/child contain the emotion so they don’t get overwhelmed.

4.  Reframing the emotion so it is more controlled.

While I was researching I did run into an study regarding Parent Child Attunement Therapy.  This is a new therapy that is designed to help abused children from ages 12 – 30 months.  It aims to educate adults on proper techniques for dealing with children’s emotions, (using the above strategies), and also to strengthen the caregiver-child bond.  While therapies like this have been well documented as having a strong effect with preschool and early school age children, there is little documentation about the effect on toddlers.

Andrea Hoffman

and class notes


~ by happysprinkles on October 18, 2009.

One Response to “Attunement!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Actually, emotion attunement were wildly discussed in our text book and lectures. I thinks everything they discussed in our class is emotion attunement such as emotion coaching, how children develop a nice emotion regulation and so on. In the sum, I think most importent for children developing regulation of emotion is parenting.

    Chuanjian Wang

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