Adult Temper Tantrums

Everyone grows out of temper tantrums after a certain age… right?   Absolutely wrong.  Adults throw temper tantrums in much the same way children do, and it can be with the similar, yet more aware motive, of getting what they want.  So how do you deal with an adult throwing a tantrum like a child, without giving in to their desires? gives some helpful tips:

Step 1
Refrain from laughing. No matter how idiotic, silly or downright hilarious a raging adult may appear, laughing will only make it worse.
Step 2
Keep calm and keep your distance. Never interfere with a raging adult unless they are coming at you with a stick. Then block the stick.
Step 3
Remove yourself from the situation. If you can physically walk away, go for it. If not, mentally envision yourself wafting high above their outburst and watching it unfold below.
Step 4
Help pick up the pieces. This step only applies if the person is a coworker or friend of yours. Once the person has calmed down, soothe their nerves and, if you feel they are up to it,
even joke about their garish display of emotion.
Rebekah Pinegar

~ by rebekahcp on October 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Adult Temper Tantrums”

  1. I love this post, it’s funny to think about an adult throwing a temper tantrum; but it’s true. I even find myself sometimes, in my head throwing a temper tanturm when what I wanted didn’t happen even if I’m smiling on the outside!

    Great post.

    -Becky Knoblauch Smart

  2. We all go through this at times. There are certainly occurrences in which I simply want to just SCREAM at the person I might be disagreeing with. Adults have more options though, I think. Consider abuse, that has to be a form of an adult temper tantrum. Also, adults definitely yell, we are not perfect.. not to mention the use of swearing and language. I even witnessed my own mother punch a hole through our dining room wall once.. that had to be a form of a temper tantrum.

    ..Step one.. it sometimes is hilarious to witness, and sometimes impossible not to laugh! Interesting post.

    Kellie Gibson

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