Emotion self regulation

As it states in the the book emotion regulation is definedas teh strategies we use to adjust teh intensity or duration our of our emotions reaction to a comfortable level so we can accomplish our. Emotion regulation is very critical to develop and have a healthy life. Emotion regulation is not an automatic response it has to be learned.  Children learn emotion regulation with the help of there caregivers.

An infant ” has only a limited capacity to regulate their emotions.” But they rapidly develop the ability to regulate their emotion. By the time they are six to eight months they can soothe themselves by sucking on their thumb. When a parent is consistent and responsive children will develop emotion regulation faster. During toddlerhood the child develops other ways to regulate emotion. They can talk to thmeselves and reassure that their parent will come back or ect.

Tida Blackburn

~ by emilytida on October 13, 2009.

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