Mamma’s Boys

Is there such thing as being too attached? does your boyfriend need to ask his mom about everything in his life? There is acutually.  Children growning up in an environment that is all about the mother and son relationship, can lead to a child growing into a “mamma’s boy.”  When the mother is overbearing and sometimes maniputlaive it can lead to the young child feeling responsible for his mothers well being. Mama’s boys think they cannot get power from outside there sphere. Now days with many single parents it is more often that you see a mama’s boy or daddy’s girl.  It can have negative and postitive effects on their social sphere of infuence later on in life.  Men do not know how to get their power from with in themselves, they have a harder time relating to and forming influences from other males. This can lead them to not be as socailly accepted.  Now i  have dated a mama’s boy and he did have to ask his mother about everything, it was so frustrating, also he did not know how to perform simple tasks that the majority of men know how to perform.  It is ok to have a close relationship  with your mother or father but just like with everything there are the extremes.  It is important for kids to relate to both parents, mom and dad.  Also to have a good social circle when they are young so they can broaden their horizons, so t0 speak, and not just hang out with mom all the time.

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~ by abenincosa on October 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “Mamma’s Boys”

  1. Even with an overbearing mother or father, the results are not always a ‘momma’s boy’ or ‘daddy’s girls’. In fact I think it’s horrible to put a bad connotation on a person with a good relationship with their parent. As for your boyfriend that you said was a momma’s boy- it wasn’t the mothers fault it was your boyfriend’s for not standing up for himself. In a world where families are normally torn apart and have no good relationships; it’s great to say that there are actualy people with a loving relationship with their parents.

    -Becky Smart

  2. I am going to have to take the fence on this one. I do agree that it is possible to have an unhealthy relationship with your parent if it gets to the point that even as an adult you depend on them to make your choices, but I also agree with Becky because many kids growing up aren’t lucky enough to have a mother and a father figure in their lives. Because of this I’m sure that growing extra close and dependent on the one parent they do have may likely occur.

  3. First of all, I have to agree with Becky that it is horrible to judge kids because of their close relationship with their parents by referring to them with negative terms such as “mamma’s boy” or “daddy’s girl”. Because they have a closer relationship with their parent(s) than you does not make them bad people. I do, however, understand that being too close to your parent(s) is possible and often unhealthy when it comes to your own independence and intimate relationships. Having to always go to your parents for advice or having to rely on them for everything can have a damaging effect on you, as well as the relationships you have with your friends and boyfriend/girlfriend.

    All of this made me think of how these people (those who are clingy and dependent on their parents throughout their lives) care for their own children. Will their actions be the same with their children as they were for their parents? Will their actions cause themselves to be clingy with their own children? Will their actions cause their children to rebel and avoid close relationships with them? It would be interesting to find out.

    Marissa Hayes

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