Unit 4: Emotional Development

Assigned Reading:

pgs 404-424, including the “From Research to Practice” and “Biology and Environment” boxes.  You may skim pages 410-411.

Guiding Questions:

  • Children who are able to self-soothe through non-nutritive sucking (thumb, pacifier, etc.) or hair stroking are found to be less distressed in novel or overwhelming situations. How does this inform parenting practices involving security objects (stuffed animals, blankets, pacifiers…). Should these attachments to objects be encouraged?
  • Two year old Callie falls down at the park. Describe some possible reactions from her caregivers and how, according to social referencing, Callie might then react.
  • Discuss how the goodness-of-fit model can help a child’s shyness.
  • Discuss how temperament and attachment can collectively influence child and adult personality.
  • Describe how emotional attunement would look at a variety of ages.

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