attachment stages in adulthood

Since the video we are all aware of what the certain stages of the attachment in infants look like and since that video i was curious as how those infants would turn at as they grew into adulthood and what the different stages of attachment ment for the child as it grew into adulthood.

In researching this i have discovered that if the stage stay through out growth and into adulthood that the symptoms involved with that stage stay the same or similar to what they where in infantsy.

An adult in the secure stage of the attachment theory has no real problem with creating relationships in other and also not problem letting others rely on them.  A Secure stage adult is also capable with being on the own with out the worry of those close to them leaving them,

An Adult in the avoident stage is some one who is reluctant to get close to another person personally and is also someone whos intament partners often refer to as being unable to fully connect emotionally or as itmately as there partner may wish them to be.

An anxious adult has difficulty starting relationships and once they have one often becomes to clingy or overly attached in to short of a time period.

Shaun Thomas


~ by shaunct on October 5, 2009.

One Response to “attachment stages in adulthood”

  1. I agree with your statement of how the growth into an attachment style in adulthood is pretty much the same as it is in infancy. After the video, I also realized how I fit into the attachment series. I really enjoyed reading your post!

    By: Ashley Crawford

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