Kangaroo Care for Kangaroos and Baby Wearing

Kangaroo Care is very critical in the bonding phase of human babies, but I was wondering how actual kangaroos bond with their young and form attachment.  I assume it  is called kangaroo care because kangaroos form a close attachment when the baby kangaroo is close  to the mother by being in her pouch.  A kangaroo is born the size of a kidney bean after just thirty-one to thirty six days gestation! They quickly climbs into the mothers pouch where it can get milk and protection because they are born blind. This is where the baby stays for the remainder of nine months while it fully develops. That is the ultimate lasting Kangaroo care. This is the time  when they can have their own “kangaroo care” as the baby develops and forms attachment to the mother.

The process of baby wearing is also done by humans to provide a close connection. Baby wearing is done by using a sling or a papoose to have the baby wrapped around you snuggly for easy caring and close touch. It is very good for the baby to have this close contact even when either parent is walking around. Another benefit is that either parent can do this not just the mother. We can learn a lot from kangaroos and how nature forms attachment and bonds to their young that has proven to work  for a long time. 

Info from wiki and bakerbits.net

Lisa Tamburrino


~ by Lisa Tamburrino on October 4, 2009.

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