Discussion of attchment

During last two weeks, I have already learned an important view theory of development psychology, attachment theory. According to basic knowledge of this theory, the behavior and development psychologists indicated that infants are likely to develop four attachment styles with their caregivers from born to two year’s old. Most infants develop a secure attachment style with their primary caregiver and they treat their parents as secure base. If they feel are threatened by any factors, they will seek proximity to their caregiver and comfort to existent of caregiver. A few infant develop insecure attachment styles that include avoidant attachment, resistant attachment and disorganized attachment with their caregiver. Infants who develop these insecure attachments are likely to develop many emotion problems in the future. The psychologists indeed claim that the internal working models of adults are based on the attachment style with their caregivers in their own infancy. Adults who develop secure attachment in their infancy have many positive characteristics of personality and their secure internal working model help them to establish nice romantic partner relationship and nice friendship. Compared with adult who have secure internal working model, people who develop a insecure internal working model always suffer the conflicting problem within their friendship and they also feel hard to find a romantic partner.

I think the internal working model can wildly work in any phase of people’s life. The theory of attachment can be verified by many other aspect of psychology. The psychoanalytic perspective of people’s emotion and behavior is products of interaction within Id, Ego and superego. When infant was born to world, they star to shape these three factors. The first environment they learn to shape ID is the activity with their caregiver so the attachment style is very important to shape ID for infants. If infants had secure attachment with their parents, they were less likely to suffer confliction of these three factors. It means they are less likely to develop mental disorder in the future. The development of people’s cognitive information system is also related with attachment. Adults who are likely to obtain negative information and interpret information as negative aspects have high probability of establishing insecure attachment when they were infants. In the sum, the establishing of attachment in infancy is important for people because it can influence whole life of people.

Chuanjian Wang


~ by chuanjian on October 4, 2009.

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