Daycare vs. Nanny

Few parenting websites mention the benefits or disadvantages for children that are exposed to a daycare or a nanny/caretaker setting. They usually mention the benefts or disadvantages to the parents’ schedules which makes me wonder if our own parents ever thought about what would happen to us when they put us in either place. My guess is that nowadays parents are much more attentive about childcare and don’t choose daycare or nanny care based on their own preference or convenience; at least I hope not.

If you choose to place your child in daycare, the benefits for the child include being able to socialize and interact with other children which will help them learn social norms with other kids, they learn to let go of the secure base and explore the world, and if the daycare center has really well trained caretakers then the environment can become developmentally stimulating and beneficial. If you choose to place your child with a nanny or a relative for caretaking, the child will have more one-on-one interaction with the nanny/relative which can lead to attachment and security. The child is also in a more familiar environment which makes it more comfortable. Also, if you choose your nanny, you may be also choosing values, morals, and manners that you would prefer to be taught to your children. Another benefit with having a nanny is that the child will be sick less often because he/she won’t be exposed to the many diseases that the children at daycare may have. But technically it’s also a benefit to be in a daycare because you build up a good immune system later on by being initally exposed to various colds that your body makes antibodies against for in the future.

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  1. In current time, there are many resource for parenting kids. I thinks a particular parenting way which parent choose denpend on many factors including income of parent, education of parent, personality of parents and so on. Anyway, when the parent choose which resource to care about their kid, they need check the quality of resource, If infant live in high quality care environment and develope secure attachment style, the parent do not need to worry about where particular care is from.
    Chuanjian Wang

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