Avoidant attachment

I was pondering the various topics I could discuss in this post, and also glancing through the list of ideas Danielle provided.  I wondered what advice I would give to a parent of someone just taking care of an avoidantly attached child.  I started to imagine taking on the care-giving task myself and realized just how hard that would be.  My first instinct would be to go to the child every time they cried or showed signs of suffering.  That would be a hard thing to do though if the child never displayed outward distress.  I decided I was hooked and needed to ponder this question some more. . .

In any home with a parent who is consistently unresponsive enough to have an avoidantly attached child, there is something seriously wrong.  My first step in rectifying this situation, would be to place a caregiver who is consistently responsive with the child, who may or may not be removed from the home, depending on the circumstances.  I would give the parents therapy for there various issues, and put them through a parenting class.  The most important thing stressed in these classes would be how to be consistently responsive in an appropriate manor.  Some parents may have gotten into this situation by thinking that there children would be spoiled if they got too much attention.  This would be a long process that wouldn’t work 100% of the time, but it would be a good start.  On a side note, it might be prudent to require every parent-to-be to take a psychological child development class.

-Andrea Hoffman

Class textbook and notes were used in this post

~ by happysprinkles on October 4, 2009.

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