The Mary D. Ainsworth Child-Parent Attachment Clinic

After watching the video clip of Mary Ainswoth’s talk in class and the experiments she and her colleagues were running, I wondered what has become of the research lab. I also wanted to know if there are any practical applications available from the clinic she started at the University of Virginia and most of all how parents can get direct benefits from her research and the lab she created.

The Mary D. Ainsworth Child-Parent Attachment Clinic at the University of Virginia is open and ready to assist parents. The clinic has a very simple and important Mission Statement: Supporting Children, Families, and Communities. They evaluate, consult, and treat. They train and certify. They provide adoption related support for improving placement and avoiding disruptions. The clinic provides seminars and workshops for parents, legal professionals, mental health professionals, and researchers.

This is one place you wish had as many franchises as a fast-food restaurant. Mental health and living conditions of many children and families would be improved if parents were able to easily get support and advice especially when they are planning to have children, or starting the adoption process. Training can help organizations to better serve communities and protect the welfare of children.

Short of requiring some parents to take a test before they have kids, which is not very practical, easy and available access to training and support for everyone is one of the best tools for ensuring good health of children.
Behzad Moaddeli


~ by Behzad on October 3, 2009.

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