Cycles of Insecure Attachment

I was interested in the topic of Insecure Attachment being passed on from parent to child over and over again.  I have a good friend who had an abusive step-father and a depressed mother and is now in an abusive relationship in which they just had a 1-year-old.  I started thinking about how it makes sense that if you obtain an insecure attachment IWM from the way you were raised, there’s a good chance you’ll pass that on to your child by responding, or not responding, in the same way.  

I found an article that addressed intervention in the insecure attachment cycles.  It concluded that, “results show that interventions are more effective in changing parental insensitivity than in changing children’s attachment insecurity.” (Van Ijzendoorn, 1995) This statement explains that the change needs to happen with the parent to try and create a secure attachment with the child.  Later the article continued to explain that short-term interventions to the parenting style is much more effective than long term therapy later on with the child.


Scott Montgomery

~ by Scott Montgomery on October 3, 2009.

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