Cultures’ influence on security of attachment based on gender

           When we were discussing in class how perhaps boys were more likely to be avoidantly attached than girls and girls more anxiously attached than boys due to how they were raised, it made me think of how culture might relate to attachment. As I was reading in our class textbook about the differences between African, Japanese, and German infants concerning attachment I wondered at whether or not the child was male or female might influence how the parents raised their kids. In Western Cultures some fathers feel like their child should not show emotion while they are hurt or scared because they are men and must eventually grow up to protect their families while mothers tend are suppose to be the soft and sensitive ones comforting the family and offering a sympathetic ear.

            When I was researching this topic I came across an article talking about the attachments in preschool years. the article revealed that all in all, females were more likely to be securely attached than males. the article also stated that the magnitude of the difference changed from country to country. I found this interesting and also logical. In almost all cultures males take on the more stoic, protective type as they are often the ones that are sent off to war and have the people around them die and are forced to kill others. I was surprised though that females didn’t equalize the scale by being more anxiously attached as the males were avoidantly attached.

by Emily Blackburn


~ by tidaemily on October 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Cultures’ influence on security of attachment based on gender”

  1. Yeah, It is right. the attachment style was heavy influenced by the culture value. If you have already deeply studied different culture value and addressed in cross culture study, you can find although different countries have their own moral standards they also have largh proportion of infants developing secure attachment style. For instance, infants who born in Japanese family was educated to obey their parents. by compared with Japan, American families encourate their child to deveop their independent ability. But finally, these two countries almost have same probability of secure attachment in infants.

  2. I found an article called, “becoming attached, First relationships and how they shape our capactiy to love,” which states, “Ainsworth found that securely attached infants were those that were able to ‘use the mother as a secure base from which to explore the world.” There is little influence on gender differences in attachment for infants. Gender differences occur closer around the ages of kindergarten and so on.

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