Helping children to overcome anxious attachment

New parents are hardly perfect. And let’s face it, parenting is a hard thing. Even those parents with the best intentions sometimes make mistakes. And others just don’t know any better.

One would hope that, when parents find they are doing things that might cause long lasting problems with their children, they would make steps to change them. But what should a parent do with an anxiously attached child?

The best thing, I think would be to start to be more supportive, more responsive, and more consistent. It is never too late to start doing the things you know you should.

They also must realize that change takes time, and that, it is hard for children. But it is also worth it. Changes in parenting styles will help a child more than all the counseling money can buy, later on in life.

Melissa Call


~ by Melissa on October 3, 2009.

One Response to “Helping children to overcome anxious attachment”

  1. I agree with that. I would hope that, if a parent recognized that they were poorly parenting in some way and their child was creating an insecure attachment because of it, this could be somewhat reversed. It would be interesting to see if the child would hang on to the old parenting style or trust the new one.
    Rebekah Pinegar

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