Siblings Attachment and Adoption

Attachment does not only come from parents but from siblings. Siblings have a bond with one another at a very young age. To them they are each other’s friend and company. Some say that a siblings bond is strongest of all. So is it wrong to separate siblings in cases such as adoption? Unfortunately and fortunately the answer is no.

We know that loss is hard emotionally on people even at a young age. It can even be damaging early and later in life. The separation of siblings is tough, but it is something that generally needs to happen when it comes to adoption. The pain of separation is worth it when it comes to a better home for the child. Every child deserves a home and a loving family where a bond can be made.

A group adoption is something very unique and rare. This is, because adoption centers need to be sure that the adoptee can take care of one child. Even though people qualify to adopt more than one child, many do not. Keeping children even longer away from a loving family where a strong secure base can be established is not right.

The being a sibling is not the biological connection that is important; it is the bond with one another that is important. Unfortunately not all siblings do get along even at such a young age. It is better to have an individual get the opportunity to form a loving attachment with someone than keep two bitter siblings together (if one was to plan to give up their children for adoption).  “Various interventions to enhance the sibling bond can be applied – therapy, modeling, supervised visits, anger management instruction” This can help siblings that have poor attachment with each other to develop a more functional one.

Doing what is best for a child is the goal for adoption centers. Giving a child a new better life is something that is not always easy to do. Siblings need to be treated as individuals and not pairs. One case they can love one another and another case one can be abusive to the other. Evaluations need to be made to see what best fits for the individuals.

-Nathan Hu


~ by nathanhu on September 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Siblings Attachment and Adoption”

  1. me and my younger sister are very close I could never imagine being seperated

    Tida Blackburn

  2. Your site was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday. :)

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