Foster Care and Attachment

In class we have discussed the inherent importance of an infant forming a healthy attachment. It affects the child all through their lives as they carry their internal working models of relationships through to their adulthood and as they interact with romantic partners. So it is very important for all children to develop in an environment that fosters a healthy attachment. Many infants are lucky enough to have loving family members that can care for them, but some must be cared for by a foster family.

Hopefully, foster parents are very invested in the development and well being of the infants that they are caring for, but some may not realize the great importance of attachment. I would suggest that foster parents receive some training in attachment theory, along with the other important training that they receive. The best way to have success here is education. It would also be beneficial for foster parents to observe and record behaviors that the child exhibits, this way if they seem to be forming an insecure attachment, extra help can be sought. Knowing what to look for and knowing where to find help is the best resource any parent can have, and foster parents especially should not be left out of loop.

It is extremely important for foster parents to ensure an infant’s healthy attachment because the infant may not always be in a stable home. They will most likely be adopted and then have to use their internal working model when they are placed with their adoptive parents. This should be an easier process if the child already understands that their needs will be met. If the foster parent creates an environment where the child can form a secure attachment, the stage will be set for an easier transition and healthier relationships in the future.

~ by fairydust4ever on September 29, 2009.

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