Daycare and Attachment

If I were a working mother one of my first concerns would be will it harm my child and their attachment to me to be placed into daycare? Research shows the answer to that is no. The child’s attachment to the mother will stay the same, however they may also form an attachment to the daycare provider.  From the article I read it said that the child will form a secure attachment with a quality caregiver, but it will not interfere with the attachment the child has with mom, the child will still prefer mom. They set up an experiment where the daycare provider that the child had an attachment too was on one side of the room and the mother was on the other.

“The results showed that the children spent much more time close to the mother than to the provider (and much more time close to the provider than to a stranger in the room). The infants were also most likely to share toys with, talk to, and touch their mothers. And they were more likely to do these things with their child care provider than with a stranger” (National Network for Child Care – NNCC. Riley, D. (1995)).

Cassidy Gore


~ by cassidyk03 on September 29, 2009.

3 Responses to “Daycare and Attachment”

  1. This sounds like a good study, and along with that you missed many details that can go against this phenomenon of children going to childcare while mom is at work. It seems like a mom needs to take into consideration just how much attention she is giving her child after a long day at work. Can she manage her job, then give the kind of attention her child needs for such a short period of time? Can the mother help her kid with basic forms of development, like emotional, social, and cognitive. It seems like the mothers who take off from work for at least a couple years to help their child grow developmentally healthy will have the better outcomes. For the mothers who don’t, clearly can raise their child well with adding daycare, but the amount of extra effort and attention they need could be overly exhausting for them and they might not be able to handle it. There are always two sides in a point of view, or in studies, lets consider both and ultimately it will be that the mother will do herself and her child a favor to just take off from work.

    Reuben Cousin

    • Although it is valuable to the parent-child relationship for the parent to be the primary caregiver, it is so very often that such notions are simply not an option. Whether it be that both parents are considerably involved with their careers, or that the family could not remain solvent without alternate income, failure to address obligations involved in providing for children would be negligent.

      Kellie Gibson

  2. This is so true. I work in a daycare center and while one child may following myself or another coworker around at the heel, as soon as their parents come in they smile and run to them never thinking to look back. It good to see the kids that esp. after learning about insecure attachment etc.

    Whitney Kerr

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