Adult Attachment


I know the book discusses child attachment but I recently read a study by Lisa Diamond, who i  a professor in the Developmental Psychology program here, called ‘Every Time You Go Away’ that I found interesting. She studied what the effects were on couple when they were separated for a short amount of time. The study found that when separated your cortisol levels change, you sleep worse, you have more negative interactions with each other etc. Yet, when the couples were reunited, the good sleep, positive interactions etc came back.

This reminded me of the movie that we watched with the little girl who cried when her caregiver left the room but was all smiles when she came back. So as adults we also feel the effects of separation, though we deal with them in a different way. (Hopefully)

Here is the link to the study if you have time and want to read it.

Every time you go away: Changes in affect, behavior, and physiology associated with travel-related separations from romantic partners.

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Whitney J Kerr


~ by whitkerr9 on September 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Adult Attachment”

  1. This was a great topic to write on. I enjoyed hearing about the study they did. Many times I have wondered why I feel a change in my sleeping habits when my “secure base” leaves. This gives me a better understanding for why that might be.

    By: Ashley Crawford

  2. This study makes me think about the kids who may not show distress during the separation but physiologically are panicking inside. I would bet adults who are insecurely attached to their partners respond this way (higher cortisol levels, etc.) Even if they are unaware or fool themselves into thinking they dont love the other person, their bodies may very well be reacting anyway.
    -Jennifer Poulos

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