Nanny vs. Daycare

Obviously it would be better for a child to stay with a parent all the time, but sometimes both parents are forced to work. Given that these situations arise pretty often, I was curious to see who specialists felt should step in to care for young children and why.

There are many positives that come from hiring a nanny. The main advantages are those of trust and cost. When hiring a nanny, parents have the chance to meet the person prior to hiring and can develop a relationship of trust. In addition, if the nanny is hired from an agency, they typically are required to work a certain number of years and have general first aid certifications. Having the nanny in the home allows the parent to be able to watch the nanny and the child at any time. For those parents who are especially worried about leaving their child with a stranger, nanny cams are also available. Another advantage can be the cost. When multiple children are being watched, the cost per child is much lower through a nanny then at a daycare system.

The greatest advantages seen from the daycare system are with older children. Three to Five year old children can greatly benefit from pre-kindergarten programs that are offered at daycares. Daycare is a great way for a child to participate in art projects, field trips, and make friends. It’s one of the best ways that children can become social before entering elementary school. The key to the daycare system is to make sure the center is accredited and licensed by the state. Another advantage of the day care system is reliability. Whereas a nanny can quit or cancel on a parent at any time, the day care has substitutes and will virtually always be available to watch the child. In addition, if the parents only have one child that needs tending, daycare will often be the more cost-effective method.

There are many positives and negatives about each of these options, so it all comes down to the parents personal preference.


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I am Ryan Van Wagenen.  I am in my last year at the University of Utah pursuing a degree in Economics with a minor in Psychology.  After graduating in May 2010, I will be moving back to New York to pursue a career in Investment Banking at Citi.  Outside of business, I hope to always continue to find ways to be involved in charity.  One philanthropy that I care a lot about is the Prostate Cancer Foundation.  PCF is a nonprofit based out of Los Angeles and has made great strides in their goal to cure cancer.


~ by Ryan Van Wagenen on September 24, 2009.

7 Responses to “Nanny vs. Daycare”

  1. Being a late talker and introverted, yet now rather extroverted, I can imagine how the extra year of pre-school helped, regardless of the generally being the eldest in class profile.

  2. I agree with you when you said that daycare can be a great way for 3-5 year-olds learn to interact with children and to be social. I’ve also heard of it doing other good things like encouraging children who are not yet toilet trained to learn it more quickly, that seems to be the case for my niece.

  3. I found some more pros and cons in regards to hiring a nanny or taking the child to a daycare.

    I think one of the biggest advantages of hiring a nanny is the one-on-one interaction with the child. The flexibility and convenience of a nanny is also helpful when considering the parents’ work schedule, etc. However, some disadvantages of hiring a nanny are cost, privacy, and reliability.

    The advantages of a daycare are socialization, reliability, and cost. Not only will the child be able to interact with other children of all ages, but the parents won’t have to worry about expensive costs or temporary closure of the daycare (it typically has set hours).

    A couple of the biggest disadvantages, however, are lack of individual attention for each child and sickness/accidents. It is very difficult to attend to every child’s demand, especially when the ratio of adults to children can be as high as 1:13. Also, it is very likely that, with all those children together on a day-to-day basis, some children will spread germs or catch colds.

    “Every family has different circumstances and needs so in each case the choice of whether to hire a nanny or a daycare will be different and therefore, each family should consider the pros and cons of each before making an informed decision” (Nanny vs. Daycare).

    Marissa Hayes

  4. Some bad consequences of Daycare would be, it is very likely for children to become sick more often than ones who don’t attend. Many daycares dictate times for weaning, pacifying, and nap times for children. Workers at daycares often change as well. There is no guarantee of having constant caregivers. The turnover for working at a daycare is high. There are certainly some risks with leaving you kid in daycare.

  5. Indeed there are risks… here are a few daycare horror stories that might blow your mind…,2933,205917,00.html

    People are sick.

    It is definetly the choice of the parent to entrust others with their child. Because of the involved risks, professionals encourage the use of nanny/day-care surveillance systems in order to be certain your child is in a stimulating, but above all, safe enviornment with loving caregivers.

    Kellie Gibson

    • My mind is blown! I tend to lean more towards a nanny due to some bad experiences I had when I was younger in the daycare system, but these are terrible! Thanks for the comment.

      Ryan Van Wagenen

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