Child Abuse defined by Attachment Style (Post 3)

As we discuss in lecture the different types of attachment styles, one is to wonder if there is more to the type of style that just how a child reacts. As we learned, a secure child has a secure base and is easily comforted when distressed. This attachment type is developed by having a parent that is there and very attentive to the child- typically considered a good parent. The other styles of attachment seem to show some type of neglect or abuse that a child may be receiving at home to make them act in this manner.

I find it hard that a child who gets all the attention, care, and proper needs would be be an insecure one; I would argue that there are other factors in the parenting style to creat an insecure child, abuse or neglect.

“Abuse and neglect. If the primary caregiver is a source of pain and terror, as in physical or emotional abuse, a secure attachment cannot form. Parents who abuse alcohol and drugs may have a lowered threshold for violence and are at increased risk for neglecting their children. (Attachement Disorders)”

Should we use the type of attachment a child has towards their parents, as a factor in determining if they are abused or neglected at home?

-Becky Knoblauch Smart-

Attachment Disorder:


~ by Becky Knoblauch Smart on September 23, 2009.

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