Immunization and Vaccinations… Good or Bad?

Many people think that people who refuse to get thier children immunized should be charged for child abuse? Others are worried that a young infants immune system cannot handle all the immunizations that are required. Some articles have said that some vaccianations can be a factor to autism. A return of the Haemophlius Influenza that has a vaccination, broke out in Minnesota, five out breaks occured in children under five.  Three out of the five children that had this did not have immunizations for this virus. Since the vaccination, one baby of seven months old died from parents failure to vaccinate.  This is the first fatality from this disease since 1991, many doctors think that the parents should be charged with child abuse. Not only are these parents who do not vaccinate cause harm to thier children, but other parents children as well. 

 Now i have read many articles for and against vaccinations. I am on the fence about it.  these rare case of individuals getting a rare disease from not getting vaccinated, but on the other side autism and others things linked to recieving vaccinations also have not been directly proven.  I  say it is a parents personal choice, many healthy babies running around out there with no vaccines. It is like a flu shot, many people think they are healthy until they get a flu shot, others think that the flu shot keeps them from getting sick?

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~ by abenincosa on September 20, 2009.

6 Responses to “Immunization and Vaccinations… Good or Bad?”

  1. Very interesting post! I had not heard anything about child immunizations and vaccinations before reading this. After reading your post, I lean more towards parents choice considering there are proven negative side effects to these shots such as autism in some cases.

    Ryan Van Wagenen

  2. I am also on the fence about this issue, not having any children of my own I have no idea as to which way I would lean. I guess getting a few different doctors opinions would definitely help the choice.

    Tracy Hubertz

  3. I don’t feel that any child should go without vaccinations!!!! It is a very rare case that a child had a bad response to vaccines, and are more likely to get sick by not having them. Vaccinations aren’t just for rare sicknesses, they are also for common things like tetnus, and other VERY common and possible serious illnesses. As a country we have recently been getting viruses and many other conditions that we have never had before, such as swine flu, bird flu and others, and some of the vaccines we get as a child are to help prevent from POSSIBLE viruses; whether you get it or not!

    Becky Knoblauch Smart

  4. Philosophically, the amount of goodness that comes from vaccines out weighs periodic unfortunate events. There are usually statistics on drugs and vaccines that are released in the treatment’s experimental trials that discuss possible risks and adverse reactions. A parent must weigh the possible benefits agaisnt the possible risks and make a decision that would best serve their child.

  5. These are great points. Its evident that when injected with flew shot, we are injected with the flew to enable out bodies to become more tolerant!

    Same with Allergy shots? I can imagine an even more adverse effect on youngsters. I recall feeling a bit sick after each of those flew shots (or I got sick with in the next week, yet not much after!)

  6. Working in a pediatrics office, I give vaccines every single day. I am completely 100% for them. The only reason a child should not recieve one is if they are allergic to the components of the vaccine, like eggs (in the MMR and Flu vaccine) or if they are compromised in some other way. There is no proven link between autism and vaccines, it just happens that a child exhibits symptoms of autism a few months after their 12 month shots. This a subject I feel fairly intense about. Vaccines have literally wiped out many illnesses, such as polio. They are extremely important to a child’s wellbeing.
    Rebekah Pinegar

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