co-sleep in newborn phase

When infants are born from their biological parents, they spend large mounts of time with caregiver such as fathers or mothers. In order to consistently respond to infants or other reasons, a lot of caregivers prefer to sleep with their infants at night. By the way, the social media and academicians also focus on the co-sleep and address the study of it. According to the current researches of co-sleep, although there are some outcomes of studying co-sleeping, the debate whether co-sleep can help infant development in the future still exists.

The social and development scientists show us many advantages of co-sleep and the cultural influence on co-sleeping. If caregivers shared bed with infants at night, the most advantage is to prevent sudden infant death syndrome. Caregivers can respond the infant’s crying as soon as possible and then take breastfeeding. Co-sleep increases the caregiver’s time shared with kids, so that they can learn about the habit of kids well and correctly responds to kid’s reflex. Based on the crass culture psychology studies, people who live in eastern countries and Africa countries have custom of co-sleep such China, Japan and Korea. The American people tend to practice of separating sleep with kids, but due to tendency of easily breastfeeding, more and more American people accept the co-sleep style in many regular families.

Conversely, some researchers claimed that co-sleep infants are likely to develop emotions problems. When infants spend day and night time on their caregivers, they will have an unconscious dependence on their caregivers. It is not good to develop their independence for infant in the future development. I think although there is a few limitation of co-sleep, the advantages of co-sleep are evident for early phase of infant development.

Chuanjian Wang


~ by chuanjian on September 20, 2009.

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