Babies have many different reflexes most which are are survival reflexes pass down through evolution. The are many more reflexes that babies are born with then what i am willing to talk about in this blog, for this blog i will only pick out a few that i have found intresting, or that we have discussed in class.

The babinskis reflex is one of the reflexs that we have spoken about in class so im not going to type what it is, however its also been said that no one quite understands why the infant has this reflex, but in an article that i dad found its say that this is a reflex that the baby has to help it attach to the mother.  It is the same reflex that babboon babys have with there mothers. This reflex is also called a plantars reflex.

The other reflex that a child has that i found interesting is the withdrawal reflex. This reflex, at first, just seemed like more a common sense thing then what i would really call a reflex, until i read more on it. I had know that an infant would pull its had back from a source or pain as a reflex, what i hadnt know was that that was only half of the reflex, the other half involves the baby pushing forward with the other limp in an attempt to push away what ever is harming it.

The most interesting reflex, or survival reflex that i had read about was the diving reflex.  This is where the baby until up to 6 months, can swim underwater. In order to keep water out of it lungs an infant has the ability to block their throats the same way an adult does while swallowing. This is also why when a baby is swimming you seem them with there mouths wide open.

There are many more reflex, some of which are on the website that i got this information and i suggest you check it out.

Shaun Thomas

~ by shaunct on September 20, 2009.

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  1. Some cool reflexes, I do wonder what the Babinski relfex is for. I think its kind of funny how they know about the diving reflex, like how do they test that kind of stuff? Oh well. Cool info about the withdrawal reflex as well.

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