Baby Late Walkers

Babies begin to walk at an age ranging from 9-15 months and even later. The question is if walking too late is a problem. Parents will worry that walking late is a sign of developmental problems. The good sign is for the most part there are no problems if a baby ends up walking even at 17 months. There are however can be signs of problems that people should be aware of. There are reasons that a baby might start walking later. It is important to find out what those reasons are.

The time a baby walks does not determine the intelligence of the baby what so ever.  It does say something about the baby’s genetics, temperament and environment. Babies that tend to walk earlier are exposed to toys and experiences that help move the process along. Toys that encourage the baby to get up like a toy stroller will lead to a greater chance that a baby will walk earlier. Experiences of holding the baby while he or she tries to move along the floor will give practice to walking. This can help the baby walk sooner; however it is not good to force the baby into moving his or her feet.  Without such opportunities babies can end up being a late walker.

A baby’s temperament is another key factor in why they might end up being a late walker. Babies that are more laid-back and easy going usually develop later in the motor skills area. These babies are more content with slowly learning to sit up and crawl. They do however have earlier social skills. “Mellow babies are more content looking and playing rather than getting up and going.” Babies that are more impulsive develop motor skills quicker. Whether your baby walks early or later does not affect them later in life. To determine a healthy baby, doctors not only test many motor skills, but language and social skills.

Genetics is a strong decider of when your baby will walk. Some babies are born with better motor skills than others. What is takes to walk is balance, muscle, and coordination. Without these skills it is hard for babies to just get up and go. Family members that were late walkers usually end up having babies that are late walkers as well. This of course is not necessarily bad.

If there is no medical cause for a baby not walking, then it is not a problem. Neuromuscular, genetic or metabolic disorders can be the cause of babies walking late. Orthopedic problems like hip dysplasia can also be a cause. An evaluation by a pediatrician or orthopedist is important. Even though there are causes that are worry some, for the majority, babies can be late walkers and end up fine. Keeping up to date with their pediatrician is a key role in raising a baby.

-Nathan Hu


~ by nathanhu on September 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “Baby Late Walkers”

  1. Can the parental influence change when a baby begins to walk? We know that in some cultures baby’s are encouraged to walk sooner and in other cultures baby’s aren’t encouraged.

  2. that comment was by Emily Blackburn

  3. Yeah, It is true that baby’s motor development is interaction of many factors such as genetics,environment, parental influence and temperament. So If there are too many influet factors for baby growing, their parents may worry about what they did for their baby. it is easy to lead many psychological disorder in their parents such as extreme Anxiety. How can we deel with such disorder in parent causing by their baby?

    Chuanjian Wang

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