Parent Child Cosleeping and SIDS

SIDS is the leading cause of infant mortality in the industrialized nations. and 20% of those deaths occur in the US or Canada. In both The US and Canada privacy, and the use of a separate room for baby are highly valued. In other, less industrialized countries, mothers and babies sleep together. This could be, in part, because of lack of money for a crib, or they may see it as unnecessary, wanting to have that closeness with their children. Sharing closeness, especially while sleeping, strengthens the bond between parent and child.

This may be part of the answer to SIDS. Years ago, I heard a story of an infant in an orphanage who just turned over and died. She had no reason to live, no one to care for her. There was no physical reason this child should have died, but she just lost the will to continue on. Maybe this has something to do with SIDS, and maybe not.

Current evidence cites no specific cause of death among these babies. There are the speculations, that it has to do with suffocation, by some means, but no conclusive evidence.

Among less industrialized nations where parent-child co-sleeping is the norm, rather than the exception, there is a lower incidence of SIDS, and while there is not evidence as to why, I would venture a guess, that the bond created between parent and child while sleeping together gives children the strength and desire to overcome hard times, as well as having the parent right there, to help an infant in distress.

Melissa Call


~ by Melissa on September 18, 2009.

6 Responses to “Parent Child Cosleeping and SIDS”

  1. Isn’t there any more reseach about sids?

    Tida Blackburn

  2. “But can cosleeping cause SIDS? The connection between cosleeping and SIDS is unclear and research is ongoing. Some cosleeping researchers have suggested that it can reduce the risk of SIDS because cosleeping parents and babies tend to wake up more often throughout the night. However, the AAP reports that some studies suggest that, under certain conditions, cosleeping may increase the risk of SIDS, especially cosleeping environments involving mothers who smoke.”
    I found this statement on the website I listed under my post, “Co-Sleeping.”

  3. Okay, here is that website…

  4. Is cosleeping and a decrease in SIDS simply a correlation, or can it possibly be cause-and-effect? From what I have read, doctors and scientists have yet to reach a decision or find a significant relationship for why SIDS does and does not occur. I believe much more research needs to be taken on before we can make assumptions. Even if cosleeping is considered a way to heighten the bond between parent and child, it is still unsafe because it puts the child at greater risk for suffocation and strangulation (CPSC and AAP).

    Informaiton found at:

    Marissa Hayes

  5. I strongly agree with youe wirting. co-sleep obviously can pretect sundden deadth of newborn kids and then there still are some more advantage of cosleep. I think coleep also help parents corret ther way to care about their baby. on the other hand, some other said it it is bad to develop infant’s development of independence. In the future, these infants sleeping with parent are more likey to depend on their parents for every thing until adult phase than separating infants.

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