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(this was written on an iPhone, so I don’t know how the paragraphs/text will actually display on a normal computer screen. My apologies if it looks kinda screwy and incorrect.)

My post is focused on the consumption of alcohol and drugs during pregnancy as well as prepregrancy. Some believe that quitting bad habits including those previously mentioned, as well as smoking right when you become pregnant or as soon as the person found out, there will be no effects on the child. That, however, isn’t true. Drug and alcohol abuse change the mother’s and father’s body’s, and how they handle the reproduction process. Rather than focusing mainly on that, the choices made when the egg is fertilized is the most important. Substance abuse has been linked to countless abnormalities and complications during pregnancy.

It has been proven that substance abuse can cause complications such as ADD, heart and liver problems, CNS deficiencies, learning disabilities, memory loss problems and permanent brain damages. The very worst case ofcourse being death, otherwise known as giving birth to a stillborn child, which no family wants to have to deal with, and most importantly, you have to think of the child; every child deserves a chance at life.

With that being said I would like to close this post with the thought that even your choices that you make before baring a child can have a huge impact on the child which is completely unfair. Like I previously said, every child deserves an equal chance at life. With that I will close my post. Best wishes to all, and make good choices!!!!

Tyson Ebeling


~ by Tyson Ebeling on September 17, 2009.

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  1. yes I agree with you and your concern to the horrible affects the substances can do to pre-born infants. I also think that it is very unfortunate that it is so easy to have a baby, honestly, any person off the street can get a woman pregnant with very little effort. This makes it extraordinarily more difficult for society and all of us people who are trying to do the “right thing.” However, this is a problem, and it most likely will always be one to some degree or another.

    Reuben Cousin

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