Infant Amnesia

What is your earliest memory? I tried thinking of that same question myself and could not come up with anything from when I was younger. My mom showed me all these pictures she took me as a child and asked me if I remember any of them and I did not. “Most adults suffer from what some call Infant Amnesia meaning we don’t remember much or anything before the age of 3 or 4″.

Scientists don’t know why we don’t remember much from our early years, because evidence suggests that infants can remember certain things. In the first few weeks an infant can remember their mothers scent, or their fathers face. It just depends how much of them they see. But the memory grows to being able to preform essential tasks shaking a raddle to make it make noise. ”

By the time their 18 months they can remember something from 13 moths ago”. There are ways of improving your childs memory, lots of times they work just the same as adults. Reading and talking to your baby sharpens their memory. The more you repeat something the better they will remember it. It’s just like studying for adults.

Josh Fagen


~ by jfagen on September 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “Infant Amnesia”

  1. I heard somewhere that everyone has that but parents tell there children stories of when they were infants and then the children think they remember

    Tida BLackburn

  2. My first memory was from before the age of . I remember being held while walking into a room with a boy in a tuxedo standing next to an in door fountain. Later in life i found a picture at my aunts house, it was at her wedding reception.
    A recent study I read in a magazine talked about how babies in the womb had memories. They would disturb them with a sound and after several times of hearing it they would no longer react. Even when tested weeks later, they remembered.

    Katie Hasiak

  3. That is very interesting. I could see it as many different things.. The first few years of life I think can be very stressful.. with constant change and development, this could help facilitate amnesia. But, I could also see it as, it isn’t as important of an infant to remember a store they went to with their mom as where their food supply comes from. I wonder if they don’t remember simply because their memory is used for different types of things at that age.

    Rebekah Pinegar

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