Unit 3: Attachment

**UPDATE: the links to the articles (below) are now fixed. **

Textbook reading: pgs 425-439 including the cultural Influences and Social Issues boxes

Article Readings:

Von Londen – International Adoption and Attachment

Ainsworth – Attachment Beyond Infancy

Lamb – Attachment, Social Networks, and Developmental Contexts

Guiding Questions:

  • you are developing an intervention for insecure attachments. What kind of training/instruction would you provide parents of an anxiously attached infant? Avoidantly attached infant? Disorganized? (covering just one would be sufficient for a post)
  • how can attachment theory inform us of the perils of the foster care system? What suggestions would you make to those in charge of the system?
  • You are the director of an orphanage in Zambia. 2405412267_de45a6c41aHow would you run the orphanage to facilitate healthy attachment?
  • The Social Issues box on 438 discussing daycare suggests that infants under one year placed in daycare full time may exhibit more avoidant attachment styles when investigated using the Strange Situation. While this certainly may be the case, there are a multitude of alternative interpretations for why these infants may appear avoidant when placed in the Strange Situation. Using what you know about Ainsworth’s technique and children in daycare, offer some alternate conclusions about these findings. How might we more accurately study attachment styles in daycare infants?
  • Incorporating Attachment theory, why have studies found teenage parents to raise children who are more insecurely attached than the rest of the parenting population?
  • What advantage might a day-care child have over a child who is tended by a nanny or relative (other than parents)? What advantage might a child who is tended by a nanny/relative have over a child who attends daycare?
  • Most countries who facilitate international adoption do not place infants with their adoptive families until after the child is one year of age. What would Bowlby (or any attachment researcher) say about this?

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