Have you noticed how big babies eyes are?

A newborn baby is a sponge, they take in information like its nobody’s business.  This is apart of the development that all babies go through and helps develop them into the kind of person their going to be.  A newborn’s fragile emotional state is something that must be cared for the best that the parent can provide.  It is as easy to upset a baby as it is to excite him or her and it is important for their parents to cradle or comfort them to help create a positive effect on their newborn (NNCC.org).  I don’t think their is a fine line between over caring or under caring for your infant.  No matter what the infant or who the parent, a newborn baby will not know the difference between excessive care or under care, they just need care, and they will respond to that care.

What does it mean to “care” for a baby?  It is very simple really, a parent must be involved with their child and respond to their needs, also known as responding to their crying.  It only takes 6 weeks for an infant to smile in response to someone else (NNCC.org).  This says a lot about what a parent needs to do with their newborn infant, they need to play with him or her, respond to the crying, and give their baby company.  Remember that a newborn infant is a sponge and the parents must fill him or her with positive energy and information.  This can mean, singing to your baby, reading stories, dancing in front of them, and much more.  The intellectual, social and emotional development of a newborn is quite fast and the more involvement a parent has with their baby, the better their development will most likely go.  A babies eyes are so big because they take everything in, the good and the bad, this makes the parents job very important to help develop them to eventually become highly functional people in our society.

Reuben Cousin


~ by reubencousin on September 13, 2009.

3 Responses to “Have you noticed how big babies eyes are?”

  1. I really enjoyed your post. I agree that babies are like sponges and that the idea of over caring for a baby does not exist. As long as the child is being loved and catered to when they need it, then the parent is providing sufficant amount of attention to the child. Some say don’t spoil a child, but like you mentioned in your blog, the child does not really know if they are being spoiled or not.

    Ashley Crawford

  2. Not necessarily related to your post, but related to your title: would you suppose that a baby’s other senses would develop as well, if the eyes were fully developed at birth?
    An additional personal speculation: blurry vision might help a baby develop wholistic preceptual capabiities (in the right parietal lobe) that might be neglected if all details were prefectly clear. since their eyes aren’t developed enough to focus on the individual details they won’t be overwhelmed by the details and literally not be able to “see the forest for the trees”. This would seem to be the perfect time for one to develop certain visual heuristics that help a baby identify cues that indicate the presence of a face.

  3. havok43v34 = stuart walker

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