Reflex for survival

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Acording to our books a refex is an inborn automatic response to a particular form of stimulation. In short a reflex is something we know when we are born.  Reflexes have and still help us to survive. Reflexes  are somethimses thought to some from evolution. Reflexes are very important to babies. Without the reflexes babies automatically have babies would not survive. Reflexes also help us to develop fine motor skills and sometimes reflexes disappear as you grow older.

These are some of the reflexes newborns have and how they work. The rooting reflex happens when someone strokes the babies cheek near the mouth. The newborns head will turn toward the source of the touch. this helps the baby brest feed so it can find the nipple. sucking reflex also helps the baby feed. We know that even in the womb babies can suck. You can see the baby suck their thumb while they are still in the womb. Both of these relfexes eventually go away. Rooting goes away in 3 weeks and sucking is replaces voluntary sucking in four months. The Babinski reflex happens when you stroke the newborns foot the book says quote “…toe fans out and currles as the foot twists” we currently don’t know why the baby does this. Another reflex is the palmar grasp. The palmar grasp prepares the baby for reaching. There ar many other reflexes that help the baby learn motor coordination. There are many more reflexes some we understand and some we don’t. I wonder if we have found all the reflexes that babies can do.


Tida Blackburn


~ by emilytida on September 11, 2009.

One Response to “Reflex for survival”

  1. There are 2 infant reflexes that I find very surprising, swimming and stepping. When placed in water, a baby younger than 6 months of age moves its arms and legs and holds its breath. A lot of parents believe that training babies to swim is important. Also, babies younger that 4 months will try to step on flat surfaces. If you place a baby’s feet on a flat surface it will place one foot in front of the other foot. I would not have thought that babies would have the instinct to step and swim before they could walk.

    Katie Hasiak

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