The Newborn Phase

Reading Assignment:

Pg 128-136 Reflexes and States – do not worry about sleep states, but make sure to read the Cultural Influences box on 132 and the From Research to Practice box on 134.

Pg 144-149 Motor Development in Infancy – skim, but make sure you know developmental milestones

Pg 150-158 Perceptual Development in Infancy

Pg 167-169 Early Deprivation and Enrichment

Pg 191-198 Nutrition

Guiding Questions: (remember, these aren’t required – if you’re having trouble coming up with a post topic, start here.)

  • Discuss how evolutionary theory relates to newborn reflexes.
  • Co-sleeping has become a hotly debated parenting technique. Take a side and tell us if you are for or against it in terms of how it is best for the infant’s development, or give an unbiased view in describing what it is and why there is so much interest in it now. Feel free to set up a poll on the class blog asking your classmates what they think about co-sleeping.
  • We don’t know what causes SIDS, we only know what things increase it’s likelihood. What are we missing? What is your opinion on the cause of SIDS? Where should research go next?
  • The advice many new parents get of “not spoiling the baby by responding right away to cries” is backwards according to the ethological theory. Tell us how.
  • The cause of colic is unknown, yet many products and techniques are put forth as being able to soothe it. Discuss colic and the theories surrounding it’s origin, as well as the soothing methods suggested for these infants. (If you’ve had a baby with colic, this will be a breeze).
  • On pg 135, the text says “furthermore, in many tribal and village societies and non-Western developed nations, where babies are in physical contact with their caregivers nearly continuously, infants show shorter bouts of crying.” This is one of the main arguments for “baby-wearing.” Tell us about baby-wearing and it’s proposed benefits.
  • Discuss the “weaning debate.” In other countries, children are breast or bottle fed well into the preschool years. This practice is judged poorly in the US and most pediatricians suggest weaning to a cup between the first and second year. What do you think about the age of weaning? (hint: this would be another good time to set up a poll).

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