Passive smoker-pregnant women

Passive smoker-pregnant women

It is obviously evidence that the smoking pregnant woman is cause of health problem in newborn kids. Smoking during pregnancy leads many health problems of fetus such as low birth weight, miscarriage, prematurity and impaired heart rate. Nicotine is key point of harming the fetus during pregnancy period. It constricts blood vessels that lessens blood flow to the uterus and causes the placenta to grow abnormally. Also smoking will lead the carbon monoxide concentrating in smoking pregnant women so that fetus does not have enough oxygen to develop their organ.

Right now, due to the social education almost pregnant women avoid to smoke during pregnant period. But their fetus still was harmed by Passive way. Especially in income low class, many single pregnant women have to work and charge housework by themselves. They can not always stay one place that isolate with social risky such as smoking people. Many low income people have bad environment of working place that many smoking guys are around them. If some family members of pregnant women are smoking, the risk of harming fetus was consistent higher.

How construct a life environment for pregnant women should be a social and personal responsibility. In order to give health birth of next generation, please smoking people avoid smoke around pregnant women and pregnant women do them best to live some nice place without any smoker.

Chuanjian Wang


~ by chuanjian on September 8, 2009.

One Response to “Passive smoker-pregnant women”

  1. For many women, they truely do not understand the risk they are taking when they smoke. Your blog brought up some important factors that may result from a woman smoking. The personal responsibility to make the right decisions lies with the mother. She needs to understand the consequences of her action and should be held responsible if her child does suffer from one of your mentioned defects.

    Ashley Crawford

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