sugar while pregnant

During class on tuesday i was curious as to weather or not sugar was as bad for pregnant women as caffiene, if at all. While researching the topic this is what i have come up with:

Though sugar is not something so bad it is need to be completely avoided it is something to watch out for and to take in moderation.  There are good sugars such as the sugars u get in fruits and bad sugars like processed sugar.  People think that processed sugar gives you energy, but if fact it doesnt, what it does do however is effect the bodys fight or flight response, the reason this is not healthy is because when this happens to often it can supress your immune system.  This isnt a great thing normally, but while pregnant your immune system is your babys immune system which makes it that much worse off.

Even worse for a pregnant women is alternative sweeteners such Equal and Sweet and low.  These, and other sweeteners contain Aspartame. Aspartame can cause development problems in an unborn child.  Aspartame compounds break down into methanol then will break down into formaldehyde which can damage cells and genetics of the body. The methyl alcohol that forms from aspartame is more potent than the alcohol from an alcoholic drink.  And we have all already learned about how bad alchohal is for an unborn child.

So in conclusion, sugar is good in moderation, and great if ingested naturally through fruits.  But artificial sweeteners, expecially those containing aspartame should be avoided completely.

This is the site i found my info on if anyone would like to read though it for a bit more info on the subject…

Shaun Thomas


~ by shaunct on September 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “sugar while pregnant”

  1. sweet and low also has been linked to depression issues, which women already are at risk for suffering from post-pardom depression. Un natraul sweeteners are bad all around. One alternative i have found is, stevia, which is a natural sweetener found from a leaf.

  2. This is very interesting about Aspartame…unfortunately, I think many women end up drinking diet soda (containing Aspartame) thinking that it will be better while pregnant than regular soda.

  3. It’s interesting that sugar can have such a response like lowered immunity in the body. It makes you think twice about anything you are putting into your body. It’s good information to know.

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