Drug-addicted Babies

Giving birth to a drug-addicted infant can cause problems that will last the rest of the infants life.  The first major affect of giving birth to a drug-addicted infant is they go through withdrawals.  Withdrawls can lead to many problems, some of them being; difficult to bond with parents, decreased sensitivity and bonding with parents, a stunt in emotional development and emotional regulation, and much more (in class notes).  A major concern is the care that these infants receive because it takes a lot of it to properly recover a drug-addicted infant (ehow.com).  Drug-addicted parents generally struggle to take care of their infants because they struggle to take care of themselves.  With this struggle on the parents side, and the drug-addiction side affects on the baby, the abusive cycle is continued because the infant is lacking the care and treatment that it needs.

Many problems that can come from giving birth to a drug-addicted infant are exacerbated by poor parenting, however poor parenting can be changed for the better with help and therapy.  Some long term symptoms also become inborn to the infant when the mother is using drugs during pregnancy.  These are birth defects that the baby may have to live with the rest of his or her life.  Some of them are; cognitive performance including a low IQ, information-processing, and attention to tasks (http://www.webmd.com/baby/drug-use-and-pregnancy).   Different drugs create different symptoms for an infant, most of which are not treatable.  The problems that these mothers have and that the infants inherit are unfortunate because the newborn’s have no control over it and must live with their birth defects for life.  This abusive cycle is a problem that can be prevented by  woman going to treatment for their drug addictions when they know that they will be having a baby.  Giving birth to a drug-addicted infant is already setting the infant up for failure, in order to stop this abusive cycle their must be drastic treatment measures and parenting styles taken into place to meet the problem eye to eye.

Reuben Cousin


~ by reubencousin on September 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “Drug-addicted Babies”

  1. I also did my topic on drug affected babies, one thing I find it appalling is how many mothers use drugs, drink, or use tobacco while pregnant. It seems that many mothers are not ready for children and they will be permanently scared because their parents were so negotiable.
    Josh Fagen

  2. according to your text of effect of drugs abuse in pregnancy women, I find you take many attention about negative effect of drug in pregnancy period. But I have another question about drug. If a woman stop drugs used during pregnancy, but she used drugs frequencyly before pregnancy. Does this case still influence the newborn baby? Does the newborn baby suffer a same disease of disfigurement?
    Chuanjian Wang

    • it is quite possible, many drugs take long periods of time to detox from our systems. I would say that there is a fair chance of a mother passing on their drugs to their baby if it hasn’t been long since they used and became pregnant.

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