Does it pay to eat organic??

Many women do not get enough calcium while pregnant.  Prenatal vitamins do not have the recommended amount for expecting mothers.  Proteins, and calcium rich foods are vital for the growning fetus.   Many studies have been shown that milk, cheese, poultry, and other such products have added hormones.  Mothers who are nourishing their unborn baby need to be especially careful what they put in their bodies.  The hormones injected build up an anitbody resistence. Also  these hormones that are injected have been proven to speed up maturation in puberty. Now normally people would say there is a small enough amount in each item you ingest that it would not make a difference, but you are supposed to ingest more of these items when pregnant to help build the babies skeletal system. Does it cost that much more to buy organic milk and meat that it is worth the risk?(april benincosa)


~ by abenincosa on September 3, 2009.

One Response to “Does it pay to eat organic??”

  1. I was wondering what the affects (negative or positive) were for feeding your children only organic food. I’m sure EVERYONE has heard of Jon & Kate Plus 8 and know that all children are fed organic food and organic food only – with the exception of a “treat” (meaning food that has some ingredient that is non-organic) about once a month.

    Marissa Hayes

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