Alcohol and Pregnancy

Over the years there has been much debate about pregnant women consuming alcohol. Through medical studies many physicians and scientists have concluded that pregnant women should abstain from alcohol entirely so they do not risk endangering their baby’s health. Although these studies have been documented, and  the reports of the defects that could be caused by a pregnant woman consuming alcohol, there are still people who take a stand in saying alcohol is okay.

On the website,, I found that they believe that the studies done on how alcohol affects an unborn child is not conclusive and that these studies are not credible. What else was surprising was that Europeans feel okay with pregnant women drinking.  In 2009 Asa Magnusso, a  senior physician at Huddige Hospital and a mid wife and doctoral student, Mona Goranssson, conducted a study in Stockholm, Sweeden where they interviewed over 1,000 woman between the ages of 18 and 46 about alcohol and pregnancy. They were schocked to find that Swedish women were saw no problem with drinking while pregnant. Their study concluded that a reported 20% of the Swedish population who were pregnant drank. And that a reported 15%  of that population drank so regularly that it damaged the baby. ( )

The effects alcohol can have on an unborn baby are devastating. If a woman drinks while pregnant she is risking having a child that has Fetal Alcohol Syndrom Disorder (FASD) because alcohol is able to pass through the placenta and affect the baby directly. FASD can cause brain damage to the still developing child by not permitting the brain to have the necessary oxygen it need to keep cell producion continuing. This deprivation will not allow the brain to continue to develop cell, but will instead cause abnormal functioning and could cause the child to have mental retardation. The child may also have problems with vision and hearing along with difficulty learning, paying attention, face deformalities, memory, and problem solving. ( National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome)

The chances of hurting the unborn child may not seem that likely, but the U.S. Surgeon General and Secretary of Health and Human Services, as well as physicians agree that a woman must abstain from drinking any amount or kind of alcohol during pregnancy. “There is no safe amount of alcohol to consume while pregnant. It is best to discuss any drinking patterns with a health care provider.” (

Post done by: Ashley Crawford


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One Response to “Alcohol and Pregnancy”

  1. I agree, it is not worth it to take the chance. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder lists three levels of fetal damage, including the worst, fetal alcohol syndrome, then partial fetal alcohol syndrome, and the third one I can’t remember because I don’t have my book with me at the moment. The point is, anyone who drinks while pregnant will probably damage the fetus, however imperceptible it may be on the baby when it grows up. It is a risk that is not worth taking.

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